About Me

Naushad Parpia, a dedicated entrepreneur and accomplished executive, has always prioritized continuous self-improvement, resilience, and the pursuit of knowledge. Hailing from Bombay and later settling in New York City, he represents the epitome of dedication, hoping to leave a lasting impact in the realm of business.

Childhood Insights and Academic Background

Relocating to the United States when he was just eight, he witnessed his parents’ entrepreneurial spirit as they built their enterprise from scratch. This ignited his passion for business. By 2011, he achieved a milestone by graduating from the University of Virginia, majoring in Finance and Information Systems. His passion for understanding the life stories of notable figures led him to dive deep into autobiographies, fueling his aspiration for growth and evolution.

Ventures and Professional Milestones

From his early teens, Naushad exhibited a keen entrepreneurial mindset. By 14, he had already delved into the world of business, launching his initial venture in e-commerce. His unwavering dedication, ability to foster teamwork, and innate drive resulted in the foundation of two remarkable enterprises. As the pioneering force behind Plative, a tech consultancy, and Earthside Farms, a renowned health snack brand, he consistently aims to bring purpose to the business domain and positively influence its stakeholders. Under his guidance, Plative Inc. secured its position on the Inc 5000 list of rapidly expanding firms for half a decade consecutively. Despite his significant accolades, he remains restless, always seeking loftier goals.

Interests and Leisure Activities

Outside his professional commitments, Parpia possesses a broad spectrum of interests. He’s captivated by the sciences of longevity and overall wellness. This curiosity reflects his life’s approach, characterized by a forward-looking perspective. Musically, he’s eclectic, enjoying the rhythms of Bad Bunny and Eminem just as much as the melodies of Taylor Swift and Keane, showcasing his adaptability and receptiveness.

Fitness is a cornerstone of his lifestyle. He actively partakes in exercise regimes that synergize cardiovascular activities with strength training, ensuring comprehensive health benefits. A culinary enthusiast, Naushad has a penchant for exotic foods, particularly Ethiopian and Vietnamese dishes. His dietary choices predominantly lean towards plant-based options, stemming from health considerations and his advocacy for the environment and animal welfare.

In the whirlwind of his hectic life, he finds peace in the embrace of aquatic environments. Be it navigating waters off Puerto Rico or simply relishing the serenity of the ocean, these experiences offer him a refreshing break, centring his thoughts on grander visions.

Prospective Endeavors

More than personal achievements, His entrepreneurial spirit is fueled by a genuine intent to catalyze positive change. He envisions setting up a foundation in his future years, committing to redirecting all his business proceeds towards addressing crucial global challenges such as environmental conservation and animal welfare. His dedication and magnanimous nature highlight his deep-rooted principle of community enrichment.

Naushad Parpia embodies a blend of determination, an insatiable thirst for knowledge, and a gracious heart. His narrative stands as a powerful reminder of the transformative impact one individual’s zeal and positivity can have, touching not only their journey but also enriching the lives surrounding them.

Naushad Parpia